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Buying and Using Made in L.A.

Watching Made in L.A. is an inspiring, moving experience. Families are watching Made in L.A. together, community organizations are using Made in L.A. to draw attention to local struggles and universities are holding events that bring together students, professors and local organizers to talk about issues in their communities. Read below to use the film for Digital Streaming, Home Use DVD, Community Use DVD, Educational & Library Use, Student Groups and other uses.

Digital Streaming/Download for Home Use

Made in L.A. is available for home viewing on major digital platforms.

WATCH IT NOW ON: Apple iTunesAmazon Instant Video, Google/YouTube, Microsoft X-Box, Sony Playstation, SundanceNow, Vudu and Vimeo On Demand (Vimeo is available worldwide and includes a Q&A with the filmmakers and Lupe, one of the protagonists, as a special feature!)

[We'll add links as each site goes live.]



Home use DVD

This DVD is for you! Just $19.99! Perfect to watch with friends and family and to send as presents to friends, family, or colleagues!

Note that these DVDs are for HOME USE ONLY and are not licensed for public, community or educational screenings. For other uses, scroll down to find the version that is right for you. Own your own copy of Made in L.A. for Home Use today!



This link is for USA, Canada and other NTSC countries.
For DVDs for sale in Spain click here.
For other European and PAL format countries click here (note that the DVD cover will be in Spanish, even though the film itself will be bilingual English/Spanish).
To know the format your country uses, click in the links for a list of PAL or NTSC countries)

Community use and free public screenings

Hundreds of community organizations, faith-based organizations and grassroots and student groups have screened Made in L.A. in order to draw attention to local issues or to create a dialogue around the issues in the film (be sure to check our current Community Screening Campaign for more information)

We want it to be easy for community groups to screen Made in L.A. and we deeply understand the financial constraints of small organizations. We are offering a FUNDRAISING SCREENING KIT that is essentially free! It "pays for itself" because it includes enough extra DVDs to sell at the event to cover the cost of the kit, and helps you raise additional funds for your organization! (Be sure to visit our Host a Screening page for downloadable materials, an "Event Planning Toolkit" and much more)

Fundraising Screening Kit: $99
Includes 1 community-licensed DVD, 10 regular DVDs, 2 full-size movie posters (27x39) and 100 postcards. You can sell the extra 10 DVDs for $20 at the event so that the kit "PAYS FOR ITSELF" and helps you raise up to an additional $100 for your organization! (This kit is licensed for organizations and congregations doing free screenings. Not for school or library use. Student groups and educators click here.) ORDER NOW!

(Available only in USA and Canada)

If you prefer to buy a single DVD licensed for community screenings rather than a screening kit, we do offer another option below. But why not use a screening kit? It includes all the tools to make a bigger impact and will cost virtually nothing in the end!

Small community-licensed DVD: $49.99
This DVD is licensed for organizations and congregations doing free screenings and for in-house organizational use. But we'd suggest you use a screening kit instead - see above! (Not for school or library use. Student groups and educators click here.) Order now!

(Available only in USA and Canada. For DVDs for sale in Spain click here)

Larger screenings & events with paid admission

If you want to hold a screening for more than 150 people, or an event of any size with paid admission, please contact us.

Educational & library use

Made in L.A. has recently been released by California Newsreel for use in universities, colleges, schools, public libraries and government agencies. To purchase the educational version and to read what academics are saying about Made in L.A., please click here.

California Newsreel is a non-profit educational distributor deeply dedicated to distributing social issue films. Working with California Newsreel and getting the film to schools, universities and public libraries is an important part of our mission: when a school purchases the educational DVD, it stays in their library so it can be used by students and educators for years to come!

Very important note for educators: The home video and community use DVDs are programmed so that they may not be viewed without the following warning appearing: "This DVD is licensed for home and community group use only. Use in universities, colleges, schools, public libraries or by any government agency is strictly prohibited. For information about purchasing Made in L.A. for educational purposes and to report violations, e-mail:".

(Available only in USA. For educational DVDs for distribution in Spain click here. For other countries, please contact us)

Student groups

Student groups are encouraged to use screening kits as long as you are doing an extra-curricular screening and no academic department or program sponsors or funds the event. In any other case, your school needs to purchase the educational version from our nonprofit educational distributor California Newsreel.

Either way, we ask for your help in encouraging your school's library to request the educational DVD. This way the film will be available to students and professors for years to come!

For more information and ideas about screenings, as well as template flyers and more, visit our Host a Screening page!

Conferences, Speakers and Retail Stores

Made in L.A. is available for screening at all kinds of academic, professional, religious, and social justice conferences. Please contact us for more information.To find out about other conferences where Made in L.A. has been featured, click here. To read reactions from audience members, event organizers, and educators, visit Reactions to Made in L.A. To read reviews in the press, visit our Pressroom.

The filmmakers are frequently available for to attend conferences and screening events. Please contact us for availability and fees!

Customer service

If you have questions regarding your purchase, If you need information about a product you have ordered directly from us, you can contact Transit Media, our fulfillment company/warehouse directly at or at 800-343-5540. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional assistance.

Audience Reactions:

"I'm the daughter of immigrants and I have never seen anything like 'Made in L.A.' I was moved to tears... I don't know if you will ever know the impact that this movie has had on me and I'm sure on many others."
- Evette Gonzalez

Read more emotional responses to Made in L.A.!

Organize a screening!
"Our school is so conservative... I have never sat with an audience as they watched a film and seen their attitudes change so dramatically."
- Hannah Carswell, Student Organizer, Georgia

Hundreds of organizations and universities have screened Made in L.A. -yours can too!!!

Get Involved!

"I wept, I was depressed, I was encouraged, I was outraged! Thank you for making me see, learn, think, and act!"
- Marcela

Learn how you can get involved too!



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