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Made in L.A. Toolkit for Educators

 This 2-DVD Toolkit contains the Emmy-winning film Made in L.A., six new video modules and a 100-page comprehensive discussion guide, all designed to help educators, worker centers, community and faith-based organizations, nonprofits, unions and other organizations serving low-wage, often immigrant, workers in the United States.

All materials are fully accessible in 12 languages
: English, Spanish, Bengali, Cantonese, French, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin (simplified), Portuguese, Russian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

This Toolkit is designed for use in classrooms, conferences, workshops, trainings, presentations, community meetings, orientations, leadership trainings and more. One of its goals is to educate and engage communities and the public about low-wage workers and the organizations that serve them.

This Toolkit emerged directly from stakeholders' requests for short, targeted video modules based on Made in L.A. and accessible in numerous languages. It was developed with significant input from organizers in the field.


Disc One:

Made in L.A. (73 min)
Film Trailer (2 min)
Q&A (9 min).
Includes answers to frequently asked questions from the filmmakers and from Lupe Hernandez, one of the protagonists in the film.

Disc Two:

Introduction to the Toolkit (3 min).
This is a "trailer" for the Toolkit and includes a clip of each module.

Module 1: Building Worker Leadership Skills - Maura's Story (13 min)
follows Maura as she overcomes her fear of public speaking and builds leadership and organizing skills.

Module 2: Becoming An Organizer - Lupe's Story (12 min)
follows Lupe as she grows from participating in a boycott campaign to becoming a professional organizer.

Module 3: Women and Low-Wage Work - Maria's Story (13 min)
explores issues that affect women as low-wage workers through the eyes of Maria as she becomes involved with a campaign at a worker center.

Module 4: Worker Centers and Low-Wage Work (13 min)
brings to light the challenges faced by low-wage, often immigrant, workers and introduces worker centers' unique role in serving and empowering them.

Module 5: Immigration and Low-Wage Work (11 min)
explores the historical role of immigrant workers in the United States and helps re-frame recent immigrants' stories within the long history of immigration to the U.S.

Module 6: Short Version of Made in L.A. (33 min).
This short version of Made in L.A. distills the film's value as a motivational
and training tool.



$249 Universities, Colleges, Museums and Government Agencies
(Also available
for educational streaming from Kanopy)

$89 High Schools and Public Libraries

$39 Non-Profit Organizations and Unions

FREE- The Toolkit is available for free to worker centers
and other organizations serving low wage immigrant workers in the United States.
Free copies are made possible through the generosity of The Ford Foundation
and are being distributed directly to worker centers
by the UCLA Labor Center.


This Toolkit was produced, and is being distributed for free to worker centers,
with the generous support of


What educators say about Made in L.A. and the Toolkit:

"The Made in L.A. Toolkit literally quadruples the impact of the original film, which was already an amazing tool for use in classrooms and in the field. The six new video modules, at 12 minutes each, are perfect to show at the beginning of a class to spark discussion on low wage work and low wage immigrant workers, of women and work, of worker leadership/empowerment and of worker centers." - Joann Lo, Executive Director, Food Chain Workers Alliance

"Better than any film I have seen... It is an essential film for educators interested in sharing with their students the struggle of immigrant workers in a globalized garment industry. A triumph."
-Matthew Garcia, Professor, American Civilization, Ethnic Study, and History, Brown University

"Made in L.A. is a gem. It accurately portrays the lives and struggles of garment workers, and honors their development as leaders against sweatshop exploitation in a sensitive and poignant way." - Katie Quan, UC Berkeley Labor Center

"Told through the powerful stories of three immigrant women, Made in L.A. shows us how activists are made in struggle through working together to build a more just world. Inspirational, educational, a stunning achievement."
- Eileen Boris, Hull Professor and Chair, Women's Studies Program, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Made in L.A. is a powerful documentary... an inspiring story of courage about immigrant women garment workers struggling for justice against overwhelming odds. For anyone who wants to understand the complex intersection of race, class, gender, immigration, globalization, and movement building, Made in L.A. is an excellent educational tool." - Kent Wong, UCLA Labor Center

"In fine cinéma verité style... Made in L.A. offers a vital look at the world of poor laborers, along the way illuminating some of the myriad complexities of the immigration issue. Highly recommended." -A. Jacobson, Video Librarian

"Made in L.A. had a significant impact on the students who saw the film... (to) get past all the bombast and misinformation about immigrants and immigration and come to understand the issues through the witness of individual people's lives. This was a very moving film that brought them a new awareness... Made in L.A. is an excellent film - one made with intelligence and heart." -Barbara S. Winkler, Women's Studies, Southern Oregon University

"Made in L.A. is a powerful teaching resource. Analyzing the film allowed my students to connect with the real characters in meaningful ways, and greatly enhanced our ability to discuss issues like globalization, immigration, as well as workers and consumers' rights. I would highly recommend it in any classroom." - Nikhil Laud, Los Angeles High School

"Made in L.A. is one of the most powerful documentaries that I have seen in awhile. It opens the door to helping (students) think more broadly about issues such as the intersections of gender, globalization, immigration, exploitation, and resistance. In the end, Made in L.A. will bring a tear to your eye, a smile to your face, and the stories of these women will stay with you for a long time." -Rebecca Martinez, Women and Gender Studies, University of Missouri


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