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Made in LASpread the Word

San Jose City College celebrates Made in L.A.

Last March, Dee Dee Kost called me from San Jose City College "We just had the most a amazing Made in L.A. screening and panel!" Apparently, the moderator, Bayinaah Jones, had created T-shirts with quotes from the film, and had also put quotes on banners throughout the entire auditorium! You can see a little of their event in the short video on the right:

With Chancellor Rosa Perez, wearing her T-shirt with a quote from Made in L.A.

"It'd be awesome if you could come next time!", she said. And so next time came, and I attended what I though would be a traditional screening of the film, organized in collaboration with the Chancellors Office, multiple departments and the Reel Work Film Festival. When I arrived, people were again wearing T-shirts with quotes extracted from Made in LA ("When people start to organize they stop being victims" or " I armed myself with courage") and students had created the most beautiful poster and panels inspired by Made in LA. to showcase their school papers. Word had gotten out, and I was bombarded by an army of photographers, posing for pictures with President Michael Burke, Chancellor Rosa Perez, and all the teachers who had brought their classes to the screening including History, Ethnic Studies, Labor Studies, ESL, Psychology and Math. (I remember thinking, "this must be one of the best math classes they'll ever have!")

As part of the opening remarks, in front of an auditorium packed with more than 300 people, the Latina Leadership Network, presented me (and Robert, in absentia) a beautiful Certificate of Appreciation, and the Chancellor, wearing a Made in LA T-shirt herself, presented a plaque that reads "for bringing the film Made in LA to San Jose City College and sharing the story of strength, triumph and courage". I was moved, very moved by all of this care, passion and recognition...

Our deep gratitude to all the sponsors, organizers and teachers who made this possible, and to Dee Dee Kost for single-handedly spearheading this event!

Detail from one of the panels they created -isn't it really beautiful?


With some of the teachers, sponsors and organizers of the event
This event was sponsored by: Labor Studies, San Jose City College, Office of the Chancellor -San Jose Evergreen Community College District, Office of the President - San Jose City College, Latina Leadership Network, San Jose Chapter, 9 to 5, Bay Area Chapter San Jose/Evergreen Faculty Association, AFT 6157.



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