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Audience reactions…

The last weeks have been full and intense. Over a million people just watched the film on PBS across the country, and e-mails keep coming from people who couldn't catch the broadcast. Our work is sometimes impossible: to answer 200+ e-mails personally, and, at the same time, eat, sleep, and push the outreach forward... But we'll succeed! ?

Many of these e-mails that came through our contact page are from organizations that want to use the film as a tool in their work. Within the next week we'll have a brand-new "Get Involved" page, which will include a section just for organizations!

A lot of e-mails have also been coming from individuals. E-mails and postings with praises, questions, and comments on the film. I want to include here just some of this very beautiful and emotional feedback. Thank you all for sharing all your feelings and thoughts with us...!

Thank you for making a difference. –Michael.

"I'm the daughter of immigrants and I have never seen anything like "Made in L.A.". I was moved to tears... I don't know if you will ever know the impact that this movie has had on me and I'm sure on many others. I want to and WILL do all I can to help immigrants in this country. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU." –Evette Gonzalez

What a wonderful documentary. Congratulations, you show the power of unity, coming together, and organization –Wilson M.

It was amazing.... inspiring, heartbreaking, enlightening... –Carolina

I laughed, I cried, it changed my life -- seriously! Congratulations on a beautiful, powerful picture. –Paige

We were so moved by your film. Your women are amazing--courageous, vulnerable, one moment we're laughing, the next we're in tears. What an important story you've told. In these days of immigrant bashing, your voice and those of your hard-working, oppressed garment workers are very much needed. In these discouraging times, your story resonates with "si se puede." –Christie and Dennis

We've all watched well-meaning docs that drone on until our butts ache. But yours worked! Yea! Casting. Story. Conflict. Meaning. Laughter. Tears. More meaning. You did it. –Deke

"Mi abuela trabajo en lo mismo hace muchos años y pude identificar con ustedes. Admiro mucho su coraje y valor. –Ismael

I went through so many emotions while watching this documentary. It was very overwhelming. It's now the day after for me and I'm still tearing up... I am a divorced woman raising my two children alone. I am first generation born in America. After watching this wonderful film, I am going to start going to different after school programs to teach the children the full knowledge of immigration. I may not be able to change the whole country, but I at least can attempt to change the ignorance. –Marcella

What an amazing, beautiful, moving creation. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.–Peck

Terrific!! Real, Authentic, Inspiring... I think it really doesn't matter where we're from, I think what really matters is how we make our heart and brain work... –FtPe*

I could not take my eyes off the screen as I felt I was fighting along side the women of the story... Congrats! on having the courage to stand up for your rights! –Stephanfe.

I wept, I was depressed, I was encouraged, I was outraged! But in the end I was left with renewed determination: To continue to never allow anyone to degrade the immigrant population in any way! And to look very closely into who I am buying from, and make sure they are users of fair labor laws! Thank you for making me see, learn, think, and act!! –"kolours"

hi my name is rosa iam 19 yrs old and was born in washington state. i grew up a hard life in poverty and watching that clip made in L.A touched my heart. it brang back alot of memories. i couldnt help but cry and cry. it breaks my heart inside... i want ppl to appericiate what they have and never take things for granted. life will get betterz i know. –Rosa H.



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