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Month of August, 2009

Made in L.A.'s Community Screening Campaign continues!

After the amazing success of our May Day Community Screening Campaign, we extended this effort during the summer, until after Labor Day! Until September 15th, We're inviting national organizations, grassroots groups, congregations and individuals across the country to organize special screenings, houseparties and actions around Made in L.A. in a nationwide effort to put a human face on the issues of immigration, immigrant workers' rights, and supporting humane immigration reform.

To learn more about the campaign, and see our short web-videos, visit our "May Day to Labor Day" Community Screening Campaign page. Join the movement and start planning your own Made in L.A. event today!
¡La Campaña de Proyecciones Comunitarias continúa!

Tras el éxito rotundo de nuestra Campaña de Proyecciones Comunitarias del Primero de Mayo, hemos extendido este esfuerzo hasta despues del Día del Trabajo! Hasta el 15 de septiembre, invitamos a las organizaciones nacionales, grupos de base, congregaciones e individuos en EEUU a que organicen acciones, eventos especiales y proyecciones de Made in L.A. en un esfuerzo nacional para poner una cara más humana a los temas de inmigración, los derechos de los y las trabajadoras inmigrantes y en apoyo a una reforma migratoria justa en EEUU.

Para saber más sobre la campaña, y ver nuestros pequeños web-vídeos, visita nuestra página de la Campaña de Proyecciones Comunitarias "Del 1 de Mayo al Día del Trabajo" . Únete al movimiento y comienza a planear tu propia proyección de Made in L.A.!

PBS series POV re-airs Made in L.A.!

We're excited to announce the 2009 Encore broadcast of Made in L.A. on the PBS series POV on Tuesday, August 11th at 10pm! At a time when policymakers are working on a major overhaul of the immigration system, we are happy that Made in L.A. can offer a revealing look at the human side of the immigration debate and the experiences of immigrant workers.

To see if your PBS station is one of over 70 stations airing the film next week check local listings or download the full press release for station information (in English or Spanish). Keep in mind that many stations will air Made in L.A. during August and September, so check back every week for up-to-date information!
La serie de PBS P.O.V. reemite Made in L.A.!

Estamos encantados de anunciar la reemisión de Made in L.A. en Estados Unidos en la serie de PBS, P.O.V.! Será el martes, 11 de agosto, a las 10 de la noche. En un momento en que los líderes políticos y sociales están trabajado en una revisión importante del sistema migratorio, Made in L.A. ofrece una mirada reveladora a la cara humana del debate migratorio y las experiencias de las y los trabajadores inmigrantes.

Para ver si tu estación de POB es una de las 70 estaciones que van a emitir la película la semana que viene, comprueba los horarios locales o bájate el comunicado de prensa con información detallada de las estaciones (en español o en inglés). Ten en cuenta que muchas estaciones emitirán Made in L.A. en otras fechas durante agosto o septiembre, así que comprueba los horarios locales de vez en cuando para información actualizada!

Take Action - Write a Letter to the Editor!

In light of the upcoming PBS broadcast, we're encouraging you to write "letters to the editor" to your local or regional newspaper, addressing immigration reform and using the Made in L.A. broadcast as a timely hook and as an empathy engine to personalize the issue. We worked with America's Voice to make this easy! Just click here - and use the template letter and online tool to easily send a personal message to your local media. Policy makers look to letters like this to get a sense of their constituents' views, so this can be a persuasive tool!

Newsweek blog: D-9 vs. Made in L.A.

Newsweek just posted a blog about Made in L.A. "We Love Aliens (Just Not the Illegal Kind)" compares District 9 (yes, you heard it) and Made in L.A.: "Despite the documentary's successes (it is heartbreaking and great), it seems that the country is much more content to deal with a scaly, mumbling alien face than a real, human face." Interesting cultural anaylisis. Check it out here!

PBS Viewer Responses

Read what PBS viewers had to say about Made in L.A. Many stations will air Made in L.A. during August and September, so if you missed the broadcast in your city or what to find out when your PBS station will air it, check local listings every week for up-to-date information!

"THIS show moved me and I fell in love with three strangers I've never met. When a documentary can do that to someone, it's a sign of greatness. Thank you Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar for enlightening me and so many others. I'll be sure to think twice when making ALL my future purchases with the likes of these three in mind." - Victor Velez

"Rarely - okay hardly ever - do I do this sort of thing - post thoughts on a website. But, as you can see, I was really moved by this documentary. Well done. Thank you for making it. Thank you, POV for sharing it. These women are an inspiration." - Annette

"Blown away! This is such a sensitive reporting of a difficult, complex and frustrating reality. POV just keeps on bringing me to tears. Thank you for telling stories that need to be told. I wish this was what TV is usually...and that pigs could fly!" - Carole

See more, and a lively discussion on the issues of immigration and sweatfree purchasing, on the POV website!

Ladies Night in North Carolina

We wanted to share these beautiful words from a wonderful screening of Made in L.A. that took place in North Carolina, organized by the WNC Worker's Center:

"Last week, the Western North Carolina Worker's Center and Nuestro Centro, the local Latino community center, hosted a screening of Made in L.A in Asheville, NC. It was a Ladies' Only night - prizes, non-alcoholic daiquiris, and cheese and chocolate fondue! Before the screening everyone introduced themselves and shared a job that they once held in their home countries or in the United States - there were nurses, painters, and factory workers. We then played cherades - one round about what makes us proud to be women and another round of any abuses we have suffered at work. The screening was powerful. Throughout the movie there were tears, smiles, and lots of head nodding. We each recognized a part of our own story in the movie - some of us had left sons and daughters behind in our home countries, many of us struggle with our partners telling us not to get involved, others had worked in the sewing industry or in some kind of production, and some of us had felt those moments of defeat in our community organizing.

Making Vandanas. This one reads "All united for a better future"
After the screening each woman was invited to decorate a bandana for the Southern Povery Law Center's Bandana Project. At first, everyone was timid - and then suddenly there was a flurry of creativity. One of the bandanas said "Las Mujeres Luchamos Hasta el Fin". Another one simply read "Dignidad".

We want to thank the folks at Made in L.A. for this film. It is not just a beautiful and powerful movie, it is a wonderful way to bring people, especially women, together."


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