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Critical Acclaim

Made in L.A. has been picked up by an overwhelming number of press, TV and Radio outlets! Here's a selection:

"Almudena Carracedo's debut docu relates a rousing true story of solidarity, perseverance and triumph... Deftly interweaving legal battles, national boycotts, group dynamics and individual empowerment, pic offers a personalized history lesson in class struggle."
-Ronnie Sheib, VARIETY

"Labor protest is not dead. Nor is it futile, according to "Made in L.A.," an excellent documentary tonight on the PBS anthology series "P.O.V." ... Congress may not be able to decide how to process the nation's illegal immigrants, but the film understands that they're simply here, an integral component of the economy. Rather, the documentary is about basic human dignity."
-Andy Webster, NEW YORK TIMES

"Shot and directed with a sympathetic ear and eye by Spanish filmmaker Almudena Carracedo, who co-produced the documentary with Robert Bahar, it is a valuable and moving film -- and entertaining as well -- not merely for what it says about the continuing need for organized labor, and of the difficulty of keeping it organized, but also about how that process affects individual lives in ways beyond the wage. And that the lives it explores are not the sort that get much of a shake on television makes it all the more precious... Completely bilingual (there are English subtitles when Spanish is spoken, and the reverse), the film is not a white paper on, or an exposé of, abuses by the garment industry, but a document of an experience... Where other filmmakers might take snapshots of home lives for a bit of color and context, Carracedo spends time with them, so that domestic decorations and rituals become the fabric that supports the larger action."

"If you've ever been annoyed or inconvenienced by a picket line of illegal workers without empathizing with their plight, then you should really tune in for P.O.V.'s "Made in L.A.", a moving documentary which explores the lives of three garment workers in Los Angeles ...As Maria and Maura and the other women gain confidence and hope in the future, the power of activism becomes clearer, and next time instead of stepping around a picket line, you might just find the time to stop and listen."

"Sí, Se Puede... Forever 21, founded in Los an American H&M, selling inexpensive-O.K., cheap-clothing whose built-in obsolescence is timed to the speed of the broadband generation."

"A combative documentary, full of humanity, that describes the personal development and professional struggle of a group of immigrants to make their rights be heard in the face of the brutal textile industry in Los Angeles. It's been garnering prizes for a year and... spreading a message: immigrants also have rights and they must claim them"

"A film... that hits the nerve of rich countries that treat those coming from outside as second-class citizens"

"A heartrending and inspiring documentary about the incessant struggle of undocumented garment workers against a powerful company in Los Angeles"

"The documentary reveals that social struggle can be a vehicle of transformation, both in one's personal life, and in one's journey as an immigrant."
-LA JORNADA (Michoacán)

Here's a parcial list of some of the media that has featured MADE IN L.A.!

"Talk of the Nation" (National Public Radio)
"Air Talk" with Larry Mantle (Local NPR - KPCC -Pasadena, CA)
CNN Radio en Español (Nacional/Internacional)
‘Uprising- Morning show" (KPFK -Los Angeles, CA)
"Women's magazine" (KPFA -San Francisco, CA)
"Morning show" (KPFA -San Francisco, CA)
Feminist Magazine (KPFK- Los Angeles, CA)
"The Ladies Room with Lolis" (KJCE -Austin, TX)
"The Morning Show" (Local NPR -WGTD -Racine, WI)
The Women's Show (WMNF, Tampa, FL Public Radio)
Morning Feed for: NBC, CBS, Mutual, Westwood One, and Source Radio Networks
"Vino con Vida" (KVON, Wine Country, CA)
Valder Beebe Show (KXVI, Dallas, TX)
Negocios Bloomberg (NY)
Radio Exterior de España (Spain)
Radio Nacional de España (Spain)
Radio France International (France)

ABC News Now (Digital, Cable, National)
MSNBC (National)
Fox and Friends Weekend (National)
CNN en Español (national/international)
Primer Impacto, Univision (National)
En Contexto, Telemundo (Los Angeles)
Así Esta El Mundo (Telemundo, Los Angeles, CA)
Kezi-Abc (Eugene, OR)
Wtvj-Nbc (Miami)
Wbz-Cbs (Boston )
Kdvr-Fox (Denver)
Kuvs-Ind (Sacramento)
Ktvu-Fox (San Francisco)
Miradas 2 (TVE2)
Telediario (TVE1)

New York Times
Los Angeles Times
The New Yorker
La Jornada (Mexico)
Seatle Times,
Diario HOY (Los Angeles and Chicago Editions)
Notimex (National/International Newswire)
EFE, National/International Newswire
Orange County Register
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
North County Times (Escondido)
Epoch Times
Hatford Advocate
MSN Latino
El País Semanal (Spain)
Público (Spain)
BCN Week (Spain)

Listen to Almudena on "Talk of the Nation" (National Public Radio)

Watch Almudena and Robert on-line at ABC News Now

Listen to Almudena, Robert and Julie Su on "Air Talk" with Larry Mantle (KPCC)

Listen to Almudena and Joann Lo on "Uprising" (KPFK)

Listen to Almudena on "Women's Magazine" (KPFA) [Look for it at 44:55]


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